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Piper Sands

Modern Ceramic 12 oz. Candle

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Our most popular candle line, these candles are some of our favorite. They come in a range of scents that you're sure to love. Like our original candle line, jars are designed to be upcycled and reused. (i.e. potted plant, pen/pencil holder, etc.). 

Approximately 75-hour burn time. 

Made with 100% natural soy wax in a reusable ceramic container. Poured in the U.S.

Available in 6 scents:

Tuscany Courtyard - Sandalwood with hints of earthy tones 
Hawaiian Grove - Fresh pineapple
Desert Sunset - A floral scent - a customer favorite
Moonglade - Masculine scent - the most popular candle in our 12 oz. line
Hidden Forest - Unique scent that is similar to gin mixed with slightly woodsy tones
Woodland Mist - Elegant and somewhat earthy scent